Monday, May 3, 2010 50 (More) Excellent Mini Icon Sets 50 (More) Excellent Mini Icon Sets

50 (More) Excellent Mini Icon Sets

Posted: 03 May 2010 09:02 AM PDT

When it comes to GUI and navigation design, we need our buttons to be relatively small, simple and yet descriptive. There is no room for text or complex design and that’s exactly where mini icon comes in. These small little icons control the flow, ease the navigation and increase better user experience and they are designers’ favorites.

mini icon sets

Today we bring all of them to you so you don’t have to search the Internet high and low to look for them. Here’s a collection of 50 excellent free mini icon sets that will come in handy in your future project. Start scrolling and find your favorite icon set, or better, bookmark this page.

But wait, there’s more. Here are another 40 Free GUI Icon sets we’ve previously posted. That makes 90 sets all together. Enjoy.

Simple & Bold Social Media Icons | Adii Rockstar
This simple mini icon set includes 15 separate icons, 16×16 pixels in size. All icons are available in 6 default color schemes, in PNG format.

WooFunction | Adii Rockstar
Set of amazing 178 mini icons. All icons are available in 32×32 pixel PNG file type.

Free web development icons #2 | Khodjaev Stanislav (Kurumizawa)
A set of 32 mini 16×16 pixel icons. Available in ICO, ICNS, TIF, PNG file types.

Free web development icons #3 | Zhebrakov Andrew (Andy-S)
26 mini icons. Available size in 16×16 pixel siz. Available in PNG, ICO, TIF, GIF, BMP file types.

bwpx.icns | Paul Armstrong
259 icons in black and white. Available in GIF format, 18×18 pixels in size.

Free hand pointer icons | Khodjaev Stanislav (Kurumizawa)
A free icon set of 36 hand pointer icons. Icons avaialable in 6 different types with 6 default color variants. Available in PNG and PSD formats.

Pixelated | Brian Purkiss
This icon set includes 21 icons in both light and dark version. File type: GIF.

Web Control Icons | Marko Vidberg
These 16×16, 24×24 and 32×32 pixel icons are available in grey, blue, green and red colors. Available file types are GIF and PNG.

Kleines Weblog Iconset | Manuela Hoffmann
Cool bland and white 13×15 pixel icons. Available in GIF.

Sanscons | P.J. Onori
CSS friendly icons come in various sizes: 8×8, 12×12, 16×16, 32×32 and 64×64 pixels. This iconset comes in GIF and PNG formats.

Iconic | P.J. Onori
Beautiful black and white icon set. Available in 5 different sizes: 8×8, 12×12, 16×16, 24×24 and 32×32 pixels. This icon set comes in these formats: PNG, SVG, SWC and Omnigraffle stencil formats.

Xiao Icon | Delacro
72 icons are available in PNG format.

mIcons – Kostenlose Icons | Bjorn Seibert
Great looking black and white icons. Icon set is separated in 9 parts.

PI Diagona Pixel Icons | Yusuke Kamiyamane
This icon set consists of 400 icons in PNG format. Available in 10×10 and 16×16 pixel sizes.

Chalkwork Payments | Dave Shea
Icon set for e-commerce websites. Consists of 21 original icons and 105 variations. Available flie types are PNG, TIF, GIF, BMP, Windows ICO, and Mac ICNS.

Web Mini – Part 1 | Axialis Software
237 icons for your website. These icons are 16×16 pixels in size. Available in PNG, GIF or ICO file types.

Web 2.0 Basic Mini | Axialis Software
This icon set contains a total of 516 icons. Available in size 16×16 pixels and in PNG, GIF or ICO file types.

Minimal icons 1.8.6 | sryo
Minimalistic icon set where each icon uses the least possible number of colors.

Feedicons 2 | Kuswanto
Awesome icons, mainly for RSS feeds.

Web 2.0 RSS icons | kurumizawa
28 cool RSS icons. Available in 32×32 and 16×16 pixel sizes. These icons are available in ICO, ICNS, TIF, PNG and PSD file types.

BacktoPixel | Zhebrakov Andrew (Andy-S)
Very cool 75 oldschool-style icons which are available in 9×9, 18×18, 28×28 pixel sizes and PNG, GIF file types.

Sonata mini icons | Eurycide
138 mini icons, available in 16×16 pixel size, PSD and PNG file types.

Free Mini Calendar Icons Set | AUTHOR
Cool icons for a calendar. All icons come in 20×25 pixels. Available file types are GIF and PNG.

IPhone Style Sidebar Icons | Susumu Yoshida
Very good looking icon set. All 93 icons are available in PNG and their size is 16×16 pixels.

Glyphish Icons For IPhone Applications | Joseph Wain
130 mini icons for iPhone applications. Icons are available in PNG file type.

Emotion Icons for Wordpress | David Lanham
Here is a set of emotion icons for Wordpress. Icons are in PNG file type.

Free Farm-Fresh Web Icons | Samantha Evans
A set of 1000 icons. Available in two sizes: 16×16 and 32×32 pixels. File types for these icons are ICO, PNG, GIF, DMG.

Led Icon Set | Alexandra Bolshova
16×16 pixel icons, available in PNG format.

2′553 small icons | Pinvoke
A big list of more than 2500 icons. These icons are 16×16 pixels in size and are available in PNG format.

ASP.NET icons | aspneticons
More than 300 professionally designed icons for ASP.NET applications.

Gallery 2 Icons | Paul Armstrong
Over 100 icons, available in GIF, PICT and TIFF formats.

One piece Emotions | kirozeng
A set of 19 emoticon icons in GIF. Available size is 19×19 pixels.

ExplodingBoy Pixel Icons | Christopher Ware
Cool set of 31 icons. Available in four different color sets – blue, pale blue, orange, and grey. File type: GIF.

Milk and Green | strawbee
16 mini icons which are available in PNG format.

GraphicPUSH Iconpack 1 | Kevin Potts
A set of 14 icons. Available in size of 16×16 pixels and GIF format.

GraphicPUSH Iconpack 2 | Kevin Potts
A set of mini icons containing 17 icons in size of 24×24 pixels and in GIF format.

Pixeley | Kevin Wetzels
A set of 30 PNG and GIF icons in black and white.

XML and RSS Icons | Kevin Potts
20 icons for XML and RSS. Available in GIF.

I Love Favorite Icon | IconDock
Very cool set of “I love …” icons. This set contains 27 icons in GIF and ICO formats. Size of these icons is 16×16 pixels.

a0x set5 | a0x
A set of mini icons for chat clients, available in DLL and PNG file types.

Web Symbols | Michal
Two sets of icons available – icons with glow and sharpened icons. Icons are available in PNG format.

Tiny Icon Factory | Luis & Brent
Very big collection of cool mini icons in black and white. You can also create and save your own icon.

Fugue Icons | Yusuke Kamiyamane
2′757 icons in size of 16×16 pixels. Available in PNG format.

Flags of the World | Michal
Icon set contains country flags. Available in size of 18×12 pixels. File type: GIF.

Computer Micro Stock | Michal
Set of black and white computer mini icons. Icons are in 10×10 pixel size. Available in PNG format.

300 images from 1800 sites | Ro London
Here you can find many mini icons as arrows, posts, comments, mail, bullets, print, carts and bags.

Minimum Icon Set | Kemie Guaida
Icon Set for Windows containing folders, drives and basic file types.

Mini Ecommerce and Shopping Icon Collection |
A set of icons for e-commerce websites. These icons are available in GIF format.

Mini icon vector packs | Freshpixel
Free mini icons in scalable vector format.


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