Monday, February 8, 2010 30+ Artist Interpretations of Mario and Luigi 30+ Artist Interpretations of Mario and Luigi

30+ Artist Interpretations of Mario and Luigi

Posted: 08 Feb 2010 06:30 AM PST

By Shane Ward. Shane Ward is a contributing editor of the art/lifestyles sites: Freshbump, Collect3d, and Format Magazine

He’s short and pudgy with a thing for Peaches. He’s an Italian plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom. He is Nintendo’s mascot, and probably the most popular video game character ever. You know him as Mario.

mario luiqi interpretations

Mario has appeared in over 200 video games, mostly bearing his name, mostly as the iconic smiling plumber with blue overalls and a mustache. But his persona is open to interpretation.

These artists have re-interpreted Mario (and his famous sidekick Luigi) into different styles and moods, offering a fresh take on the character we’ve all come to love.

Anthony Jones
In what looks like oils, Anthony Jones paints one of our favorites, interpreting Mario and Luigi as refined old-style Italian men.

anthoy jones mario

anthony jones luigi

Bob Dob
Mario and Luigi may look like good guys in the video games, but don’t get it twisted. Eating magic mushrooms, head-butting/destroying government property, and a streak of flower-power pyromania have landed the brothers in prison according to Bob Dob.

bob dob mario

bob dob luigi

Luigi looks a little, how do we say, ‘fancy’ in this depiction and Mario looks like he’s gone off the mushroom that landed him in Bob Dob’s jail. Either way, both of them are having a good time.

Dirk Eric Schulz
It’s just a game guys and gals. When the power shuts off, it’s all love and harmony in the Mushroom Kingdom. More.

Wii Set a Fire

He’s just a defenseless Koopa. Pick on someone your own size.

Gabe Swarr
This is what Mario would look like if he was a cardboad box to be personally assembled.

Handre de Jager
We’re not sure what style this is inspired by, but if you can tell us in the comments section you warp to world 6-9.

Javier Burgos Arroyo
The look on their faces says it all. They’re not sure where they are, and we’re not sure what this piece is about, but it sure looks cool!

more super mario fun

Jennifer Piazza
Like playing Mario in video games isn’t enough? Next time you’re going all-in at the poker table, we hope you lose your chips for having too much Mario in your life.

Joshy Artist
This looks like Joshy Artist wants to depict a powerful Luigi throwing a fireball, but it looks more like a wimpy Luigi tired of being a side-kick, throwing a temper tantrum.

From an artistic stand-point, this is another one of our favorites. Stylstically, it’s extremely fresh and well-done.

jublin mario

jublin luigi

Julian Burford
This design is screaming to become the next poster on your wall.

Justin Coffee
We’re not sure what Mario and Luigi have to be sad about, maybe they’re upset you haven’t been playing with them lately? Turn on your Nintendo.

justin coffee 01

Mario Ravenous

Perhaps the most disturbing interpretation in this set, Karrey envisions Mario as a ballerina, who for some reason is holding a cake.

This is what Mario and Luigi would look like if they were British.

mario party

Mario, scared? No. Never.

Matt Synowicz
Super Mario equation; grow bigger with a red mushroom or fireball ability with spectrum flower.

Super Mario Equation

Mike P Mitchell
Ya’ll best not come around here agin. Ya hear?

Mike Stefanini
Simply genius, Mike Stefanini could have illustrated mustaches on their own or on just about anyone, but there is no better choice than Mario.

You can call me Disco M.

This is probably the most unintentionally creepy image we’ve seen in a while.

Rex Hackelberg
Mario party games.

Ryan Wood
Someday we all have to get a real job.

Serioja Inc
Is it just me or do these guys have Gary Coleman syndrome?

University of Fraser Valley
UFV’s pushpin Mario gets virtual, and some very real, attention.

Yves Bourgelas
Perhaps the hardest level ever with all these rivals.

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