Wednesday, December 23, 2009 Freebie: 8 Political Characters Icon Set Freebie: 8 Political Characters Icon Set

Freebie: 8 Political Characters Icon Set

Posted: 23 Dec 2009 06:19 AM PST

political character icons

Here’s another round of icon freebies for you guys and perhaps the last for the year 2009. Folks at Iconshock designed 8 cute political characters for us and you can download them absolutely free here at

These 8 character icons are made up of these following politicians:

  • Barack Obama (United States of America)
  • Hugo Chavez (Venezuela)
  • Silvio Berlusconi (Italy)
  • Kim Jong-il (North Korea)
  • Alvaro Uribe (Columbia)
  • Evo Morales (Bolivia)
  • Ali Khamenei (Iran)
  • Angela Merkel (Germany)

To give you a better idea of who these politicians are, we’ve put a real photo side by side with the icon. Photos are taken from Wikipedia.

Barack Obama – President of United States of America
barack obama

Hugo Chavez – President of Venezuela
Hugo Chavez

Silvio Berlusconi – Prime Minister of Italy
Silvio Berlusconi

Kim Jong-il – Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea
Kim Yong-il

Alvaro Uribe – President of Columbia
Alvaro Uribe

Evo Morales – President of Bolivia
Evo Morales

Ali Khamenei – Former president of Iran
Ali Khamenei

Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany
Angela Merkel

Download these political characters icons:

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